Monday, June 13, 2016

Magnesium coffee from Nestlé in Spain

In Spain, Nestlé has launched two new Nescafé Vitalissimo coffee blends, fortified with magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. The new instant coffee is available in natural and decaffeinated formats – both in 200g glass jars – and is designed primarily to appeal to the health-conscious over-40 market. A single 2g cup of Nescafé Vitalissimo with 200ml of semi-skimmed milk delivers 15% of the daily reference value of magnesium, said the brand. Magnesium plays an important role in bone health and contributes to 300 reactions in human metabolism. Nestlé has claimed that the coffee, in addition to reducing fatigue, helps to contribute to muscle function, metabolism, normal dental and bone health and normal function of the nervous system. The innovation, which combines functionality with ‘silver – ie senior appeal’, extends a long line of recent functional coffee developments. Canadian start-up Counting Sheep Coffee introduced ‘Counting Sheep’ a coffee that helps you sleep. While Casa Espresso has developed a coffee specifically for cyclists. FoodBev also spoke to coffee brand True Start about its performance coffee for athletes that helps to regulate caffeine intake and improve recovery from periods of exercise. The true test will ultimately be in how the products taste. If anyone out there has tried these could you please let us know your opinion?

Saturday, May 14, 2016

13 steps to brewing perfect espresso

Follow these easy steps to brew perfect espresso every time.

1.Remove portafilter from group head. Purge group head. Dry wipe filter basket.

2.Place portafilter in grinder prongs, dose coffee as it grinds into filter basket until basket is slightly over full. Or, if using auto dosing mechanism, chamber at least 2/3 full of grounds, coffee pull handle once for single, twice for double.

3.Gently tap portafilter while dosing to settle grounds. This will assure ground coffee density and allow proper amount (7 grams single, 14 grams double) into portafilter.

4.Level excess grounds in filter basket to evenly disperse and “level,” wipe remainder into knock box. (This should be nominal if dosing correctly).

5.Use hand tamper and place evenly on coffee. Make sure tamp is level before applying pressure.

6.Tamp grounds firmly (using 30 lbs. of pressure), leaning into tamp with upper body weight, wrist straight and elbow at 90 degree angle directly over wrist. Next, press water button briefly to flush out stagnant water.

7.Quickly wipe the rim of the portafilter clean and free of grounds and insert securely into group head before pulling the shot. Do not leave it in group head to burn.

8.Push the appropriate brew button to begin brewing. Start timer.

9.Brew into a preheated demitasse cup if “for here,” shot glasses or paper “to go” cup if size permits.

10.Observe the flow of the quality of the espresso. Espresso should resemble warm honey dripping from a spoon or it might resemble the "tail of a mouse". Stop at the appropriate extraction level (single 1–1.25 ounce and 2–2.5 double) and time (20–25 seconds) if using manual switch or wait for program to complete.

11.Serve espresso, or use it to make the ordered espresso-based beverage immediately.

12.Knock out spent grounds. Spent coffee should look like a hockey puck (firm) when dosed and packed correctly. NEVER leave used coffee grounds in portafilter.

13.Dry wipe the filter basket and group head until clean. Reaffix the clean portafilter into the group head to ensure thermal stability.

Now you are ready to brew again!