Sunday, August 09, 2009


Specialty Coffee Fun Facts
• Specialty coffee is defined as a coffee that has no defects and has a distinctive flavor in the cup.
• Specialty coffee, a term that refers to the highest-quality green beans roasted by true craftspeople, is surprisingly
affordable. One cup costs about 24 cents---making it cheaper than bottled water.
• Every day, Americans drink more than 300 million cups of coffee; 75 % of those cups are home-brewed.
• Last year, 13 % of the adult American population enjoyed a daily cup of specialty coffee.
• Like wine and honey, specialty coffee has a unique flavor thanks to the micro-climates that produce it.
• In 1683, one pound of coffee in New York was worth as much as four acres of land.
• To be considered truly fresh, coffee should be ground right before brewing and brewed within three to seven days of
• Surprisingly, espresso contains less caffeine than a regular serving of drip coffee. In fact, in the espresso brewing
method, water is in contact with the grounds for only 20 to 25 seconds and extracts less caffeine than methods that put
water in contact with the grounds for several minutes.
• Strong-tasting coffee has no more caffeine than its weak-tasting counterpart. Caffeine contributes no taste; it's a product
of the type of bean, water-to-coffee ratio, and brewing method.
• The vast majority of the world's coffee is the Arabica species.
• Thanks to some popular commercials, most of us believe that coffee originated in Colombia or Brazil. Not so; it
originated in Ethiopia.
• The global coffee industry employs more than 20 million people.
• It takes approximately 42 coffee beans to make an average serving of espresso.

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